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I tell you – today was rough for me. I felt so unmotivated today; tired, hips and legs hurt (and I know why now! LOL It is from going up and down my in laws steps in their house all weekend! They have a lot, haha! I don’t have many to go up in down in my house, so it was a 5 day workout at their house over the holiday weekend) It was as my husband says “stupid hot” outside, even the chickens didn’t want to come out of their shady hen house! I struggled with what to blog about today, struggling with a couple side gigs I have going – trying to decide if I want to continue them or not – just a lot of browser tabs open in my head today!

I didn’t know if I should do my ‘Wellness Wednesday’ post today or if I should do ‘Wisdom Wednesday’ because my daily devotional had a great entry for today or if I should stick to the challenge for day 8 today. Must be rough right?

So what did I do? Nothing pretty much all day, except play with my little 5 year old, we did a few kindergarten worksheets and games, and now here I sit at 10:52pm finally figuring out what I want to post about today. It popped into my head as I was sitting with my 5 year old who had fallen asleep on me. I carried her up to bed, tucked her in snug as a bug in a rug and came back downstairs to write.

I leave you tonight with this. My favorite version of this song. It’s so peaceful. It’s so sweet. It’s so tender. It makes you pause. It gives you chills. It opens your eyes. So now, close your eyes, sit back and just listen; tune out all the other noise going on in the world right now. With so much hate and division and anger and uncertainty, this is certain to put a smile on your face tonight.

What do you think? Tell me below in the comments how this song blessed you today?

Sleep tight, in Him ~ Tanya

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