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Remember Joey on Full House? That was my absolute favorite show as I was growing up! I watched it every Friday night with the TGIF line up AND I also tried, unsucessfully, to cut my bangs so they would be like DJ’s hair. Let’s admit – she had GREAT hair! Well, Joey’s tag line “cut…it…out”…that line is constantly running in my head while I am doing what I love for fun; playing with my cricut !

In my spare time I am busy making wine glasses, coffee mugs, baby onesies – it’s so fun and therapeutic to peel off the vinyl from my item I am making! Haha! This week I am working on my next project – leather earrings! Stay tuned, as I will upload some pics when I am done!

If you would like, you can check out my Etsy shop (TanyasTreasureShoppe) to order some goodies OR, it’s super simple to make your own if you have the patience. Just remember to wipe your surface with alcohol, use permanent vinyl when applying to glassware and don’t use the plain vinyl setting on your cricut. Bump it up a notch and select “Vinyl Plus” so that it gets a really good cut! Otherwise it is super simple to use!

Take a look here at a couple projects I have done! Is there anything I can whip up for you? Shout out to my UBC Challenge friends!

What do you all like to do for fun??? If you don’t do anything for fun, well you better get started doing something!

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