Coffee and Things

A mom with a cup of Joe, hoping to help you as I go….

Happy last day of June! Wow, another month gone away! Tomorrow, July 1st, is when I officially launch this blog – this new adventure of mine and I wanted to introduce myself!

I have been married to my hubby for 20 years come October; we have been together a total of 23 years. I am a momma to 4 blessings ( 1 boy and 3 girls ages 17 1/2, 15, 10 1/2 and 5) and a 5th one in heaven. I miscarried him at 15 weeks in bewteen my 3rd and last baby here. I was born and raised in small town Minnesota and married life carried me to Arizona, Wisconsin, back to Arizona, back to MN then back down to Wisconsin for a final time and here I am – in a beautiful area that is full of bluffs, valleys and ridges and surrounded by beautiful nature! It’s like I live in my own little getaway! I have done it all – stay at home mom, working momma, working at home momma, homeschool momma, public school momma…the seasons of my life have been forever changing! I had a miscarriage like I mentioned, my husband was severely hurt shortly thereafter and now 6 years later we are better than ever! Lately, we’ve been rather still and I am loving it!

I am a lover of all things natural – to the best of my ability. You will come to understand that it’s all about balance for me – 80/20 rule. You’ll see me drink iced coffees and eat chocolate chip cookie dough; but you will also see me taking care of my body with the most natural things possible, using health and wellness products and supplements that get good ratings, are clean, dye free and plant based and trying eat healthy the other 80% of the time – when I don’t have coffee in hand. 😉

I am currently working on my teaching degree – it’s a process when you work and raise 4 kids – but I work as a Special Ed Paraprofessional for my day job. I also am learning about herbs, making my own soaps and salves and learning how to use what God has given us on the Earth for healing. 🙂 In my spare time I am learning to crochet, I love to sew, love to play with my cricut machine, I love to play with my kids and have good conversations with my teens. My favorite color is orange – but not like deer hunting orange, haha.

We recently acquired Brahma chickens – we got them when they were 2 days old and now they are 9 weeks old!! My 5 year old thinks that just because we are chicken mommas, that it qualifies us to be farmers. LOL!

I love Jesus and am so grateful to God for all the trials and blessings in my life. They have shaped and molded me – taught me so many things!

So that is me in a nutshell. I am often unorganized, often shift my to do list from one day to the next, I am certainly not perfect and I have a huge heart and passion for people, helping others live their best lives and finding their worth. I am also a proponent of forgiveness going a long way! Believe me – it sets you free. If there are things you want me to talk about, comment or message me! I have been through a lot in my 40 some years and I hope to be able to bless you, teach you, motivate you and inspire you! I’m just a Mom with a cup of Joe, hoping to teach you as I go. 🙂

Blessings for an amazing July!

PS – I will be doing Faith Fridays so be on the look out for why you should choose faith over fear and be anxious for nothing! <3

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